Oneness Center Bern

All around us patterns are growing that link people together in 
new and diverse ways. We have yet to fully understand that it is 
these patterns of relationship, which are so essential, and 
which provide the simple answers to the complexity of the times. 
They are not just for conveying information; 
they are creating a new, fast-changing, 
organic interrelationship of individuals and groups. 
Something is coming alive in a new way. 
L. Vaughan-Lee



Global Oneness Project
The Global Oneness Project is a global inquiry that seeks to inspire dialogue about new ways of working in our interconnected world.

Working with Oneness
This site offers a body of teachings on the spiritual dimension of oneness. It is dedicated to connecting with individuals and spiritual groups of all types who are working towards the emerging consciousness of oneness that is central to our human and planetary survival and evolution. Consciousness of oneness is an awareness of the unity and the interconnectedness of all of life. 

Spiritual Ecology
Spiritual Ecology is an exploration of the spiritual dimension of our present ecological crisis. In particular these resources explore the interrelationship between our outer, physical ecological situation, our awareness of the sacred in creation, and our inner relationship to the symbolic world of the soul—and how this effects our own soul and the soul of the world, the anima mundi.

anders denken lernen
This website offers information about the work of Dr. Natalie Knapp, the author of the book "anders denken lernen - von Platon über Einstein zur Quantenphysik." (in German only) 

Aninma Mundi
Information about Anima Mundi, archetypal journeys and the seminars given by Ulrike Pahl.

St Ethelburga's Center of Reconciliation and Peace
In the heart of the City of London is a unique meeting space devoted to promoting understanding of the relationship between faith and conflict. St Ethelburgas offers talks, workshops, training & cultural events about faith and conflict, explores religious difference and supports difficult conversations between people in conflict. 

Kalliopeia Fondation
Kalliopeia Foundation contributes to the evolution of communities and cultures that honor the unity at the heart of life's rich diversity. The site offers information about inspiring oneness projects.