Oneness Center Bern

If the people of the world were wise enough
to plant the root of their lives deep within the Subtle Origin
then the worldly affairs of life
would coherently follow their natural course
and harmony would abound of its own accord...
Then the peaceful order of the universe prevails 
and unity manifests again of its own accord. 
Lao Tzu

Oneness Center

Deep inside every human being there is a place that connects us with our primal nature and gives us access to an inner wisdom. If individuals or groups make a connection with this inner core, they access the universal knowledge of unity and thus experience life from a broader perspective. They make decisions that aren't just directed at immediate gains but serve the whole. This inner alignment fosters individual and collective growth that has a deeply healing effect. It supports the organic development of our world making a real contribution to the pressing social, economical, ecological and spiritual issues of our present time.
The Oneness Center offers a space that allows us to learn how to access this simple and yet dynamic state of oneness individually and collectively, bringing it into our daily lives.