Oneness Center Bern

Our planet is a dancing creature of spirit and matter
spinning on an axis of love in an infinite living universe.
L. Vaughan-Lee

Learning for the Future

We live in a time of transition and change. The consciousness of unity that has always been present is now waiting to be brought into collective consciousness and to be lived. This consciousness does not focus on opposites but on interrelatedness, not separating but bringing together spirit and matter, the inner and the outer. This emerging consciousness is our future. If we want to prepare for this future old patterns of habit and mind have to go. We can no longer rely on what we know but have to welcome insecurity and not-knowing into our lives. Being conscious of what is happening allows us to stay open. This is a prerequisite for us to learn how to bring emerging creative possibilities into our daily lives.

With its activities the Oneness Center wants to foster attitudes of genuine openness and curiosity and draw our attention to the fundamental changes taking place.