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Jahreszeiten der Liebe: Sufi-Weisheiten Tag für Tag, which was published by the Oneness Center, is based on the Sufi sayings of the English book:

Travelling the Path of Love
Sayings of Sufi Masters

Sufism is a path of love. With the passion and depth of feeling that belong to lovers, Sufi masters through the centuries have described the soul's journey towards union with God. This collection of sayings, dating from the ninth century to the present day, follows the stages of this journey, allowing the masters to beckon us along this ancient path. Speaking with the experience of those who have tasted the mysteries of divine love, their words reach beyond the mind and into the heart. Travelling the Path of Love is offered as an inspiration to all those who are drawn to follow love's call.

Paperback, ISBN 10: 0-9634574-0-3
280 Pages EUR 14.00, SFR 17.00
The English book is available trough this online-bookstore